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Boy oh boy. I so wish I were more able to deal with all the technical stuff that is required to build and manage a website!  

I have been trying to work on my site for ages! And ages! And ages! And........shall I go on?!!  This stuff is soooooo challenging for me. I am not sure how some people do it. But there is no way to go without these days. A website is necessary for anyone trying to get there work out there in front of people. But why does it have to be so hard? When will some developer come up with a website building tool for dummies? Perhaps it already exists and I am oblivious.  Or perhaps I need an EXTRA special course... " Build your own website for the 57 year old female who has little patience, next to zero computer skills, short attention span and who likes pencil and paper!"

Please be patient with me. I am about to embark on an exciting ride. That is if technology train slows down to allow me to hop on!